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“Learn how to calm the winds of your mind, and you will enjoy great inner peace….” Remez Sasson

The importance of the above quote cannot be overstated given the current reality of the world we all share. The ability to find inner peace as we face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic is a key to successfully transitioning into a new and different way of living, working and being with those people we love and the other people who pass through our spheres of influence.

However, there is a problem. How do you "calm the winds of your mind"? As easy as it is to understand and agree with Sasson’s quote, accomplishing it is another matter. So, I thought I share how I “calm the winds of my mind” at the beginning of all my days.

First, I stop my busyness of doing stuff. I stop my multitasking and am just quietly relaxed and reflective. Then, based on my belief that what you focus your thoughts on will grow and occupy more of your thinking, I redirect my thoughts away from the urgencies of the moment and instead focus on something that radiates a sense of calm and peace.

For me, my redirected thoughts go to "gratitude". What am I grateful for? And I stay with these thoughts as I write what I refer to as “gratitude statements”. An example could be "I'm grateful for this new day, its beauty and light." Or it could be "thank you for my chance to begin again as you forgive my yesterday's short comings."

Next, I write my “intentions” (feelings from the heart) for the day that follows. This replaces the “task” (thoughts from the brain) list that most of us make to be sure we get all the urgent stuff accomplished. A sample “intention” could be “I will be a positive influence on each person I interact with today”. A sample “task” would be “Call mom and dad.” Another “task” could be “help my kids with homework.” An “intention” instead could be “spend quality time with my kids.”

And finally, I list all my relationship opportunities. Who will be passing through my sphere of influence during the day ahead? And how can I contribute to them feeling heard, valued, and cared for?

And notice that I write, not type, my "gratitude thoughts", "intentions" and "relationship opportunities." I do this because writing crystalizes thought and enhances creativity. It also slows you down and helps you see more clearly what’s important that all too often we miss because of our busyness.

This calming and peaceful routine usually takes about 15 minutes while I have my first cup of coffee. And amazingly, my days tend to be more productive while being less busy and urgent.

I hope this "reminder" is helpful for you and others during these troubling times. Please feel free to share it with others as we all need to "calm the winds of our minds".

Always in the spirit of Learning through Life… I wish you the best...


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