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seeds of Intent

Who should read seeds of Intent?

Any person who has the desire to live life more fully and productively while experiencing less worry, fear and/or struggle would benefit from reading this book. “seeds of Intent” has been written for the person who is capable of introspection and self-examination while seeking ways of becoming a more remarkable person regardless of their position or status in life.


Known as the world’s toughest book critic, wrote the following

Leadership consultant Blackburn provides an intimate engagement with his readers to positively change the way they experience the world each day.
Blackburn’s book is a participatory endeavor that is designed to shake you awake, “to take you deep into a way of life that consists of sustainable optimism, fulfillment, and happiness, while being able to manage the fears of the uncertain and unpredictable future that awaits you.”
This book does not scatter pearls of wisdom like so much self-help guru pigeon feed, but tenders a demanding call-and-response framework to involve readers in their growth.
Although Blackburn is probing and challenging, his voice is easeful, at times almost incantatory as he slides questions across the page—“How are you contributing to your future by creating something that does not now exist?” or “As you review the characteristics that are unsettling for you, do you see any common theme?”
But he doesn’t stop there; he provides many possible answers to mull over, or to serve as inspiration. Awareness is a big presence here, how not simply to react—a hot, urgent drive—but to give a soft, responsible reply to what is placed in your life.
Cultivating that big-hearted, open-minded awareness involves the planting of seeds of intent, “small changes that are implemented over a period of time that eventually become the foundation for a more complex life transformation”—acceptance, awareness, clarity, faith and intuition, each of which is a nuanced way of being.
‘Seeds’ interaction with readers is like a tutorial, a dynamic, encouraging relationship that offers guidance while asking you to do the serious digging—“doing new things, doing the same things differently, becoming more, and going where you have never gone before.”
Author Jim Blackburn offers a bracingly honest pursuit of life as a learning experience, where he might be the mentor, but you write your book.

Reviews from Readers

“Jim Blackburn has written an engaging book about the journey from one’s personal habits, attitudes and beliefs of the past that can cause dissatisfaction, unhappiness and illness to a present and future of change. Emphasizing the “seeds” of intentional acceptance, awareness, clarity, faith and intuition, Jim invites the reader to reflect daily, with paper and pen, to investigate the self through provocative and challenging questions. With persistence and diligence, one can truly transform the present and future relationship with oneself and the world. The process is eye-opening, yet at its conclusion it provides a way of living in the present that is a combination of exhilaration, balance and yes, serenity. Don’t pass up the invitation!!”
– Marilynne Sommers

“Seeds Of Intent helps the reader to realize parts and relationships within their lives that are able to be enhanced. It does not “tell” the reader how to be happy or successful, it is a tool that “teaches” the reader how to explore parts of their behavior that may be holding them back. It allows the reader to discover areas of their life where there may be unfulfillment and helps them to realize steps they can take in their everyday lives to make those areas thrive! Great Read and very insightful and would highly recommend to others.”
– K. Phillipson

“Chock-full of thought-provoking quotations and exercises, Seeds of Intent invites the reader into a life of thoughtful decisions rather than aimless drift. The book’s uncluttered pages give continuing opportunities for self-reflection, answering challenging questions, and recording insights. Blackburn and Parrish encourage the awareness of one’s attitudes and routines and their often unintended results, offering alternative choices that are personalized by the reader.”
– C. Doll

“As the title of the book indicates, there is going to be an obvious analogy to horticulture. Selecting, sowing, and nurturing the seeds of intent for “personal transformation”. The author, James Blackburn uses this term to replace the stale standard, “cognitive therapy,” to frame his approach. I had my doubts as to how well I might apply Blackburn’s ambitious attempt at the science of transformational development. Should I trust Mr. Blackburn to dismantle any well honed defenses and construct a better me? Could I trust him with this highly personal and spiritual endeavor? Not immediately; however, with the gentle leadership demonstrated by his willingness to disclose his own personal journey, I soon became secure in the knowledge that I was in the capable hands of a truly professional and self-actualized human being. The sense that the author is present in the room relating in a quiet, fraternal tone creates a unique, non-threatening partnership during the entire process of self reclamation. Blackburn takes the candidate for transformation by the hand and leads effortlessly while imparting all the necessary steps (the sowing of seeds) toward self awareness and self knowledge. He doesn’t preach or lecture, but brilliantly illustrates the points that are crucial to consider when making those necessary changes that will affect one’s life and selfhood; he warns how friendships with others will be re-designed or possibly lost, but suggests there may be new, and more rewarding relationships for any perceived sacrifice. Mr. Blackburn utilizes an old-fashioned and disarming method of teaching: by example. Seeds of Intent is a modern day model for transformation in its most eloquent form.”
– Amazon Customer

“This book will have a great impact on you and where you are in your life right now. It’s a wonderful experience. It’s a “must” read for anybody serious about CHANGE.”
– Mary Cruse

“I must say the “seeds of Intent” experience left me feeling as if you were having a one on one conversation with the reader. I actually felt as if you were speaking to me personally. It would be ideal if the reader could interact with you during the experience to expand the impact.”
– Melinda Meyer

“Some of us think we are doing just fine in our jobs and personal relationships. Then something comes along like a blip in the smoothness of this part of our lives. What do we usually do? We fall apart momentarily, we feel inner rage and waste a lot of time creating negative energy. Read Seeds of Intent. This book so speaks to each reader so he/she can better cope and become a fuller, happier and more productive person.”
– Lori Lowe

“seeds of Intent” is a powerful book that encapsulates an impactful model of personal and professional change. There are many significant stand alone insights but to get the most out of this book the reader will need to fully engage in the exercises and introspection. If you do, “Seeds of Intent” can be a platform to profoundly change your life, or as Jim would say: “Be More.” I highly recommend it.”
– Gary Gaeth

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