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Counsel for any of Life's Seasons

I am a Counselor who can guide You through a Mental & Emotional Life Adjustment that will enhance how You experience the Current Reality of Your Life...


Are you Searching for a Better Path to...

Feeling better about yourself and the unlimited opportunities available to you?

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Experiencing more productive, fulfilling, meaningful, and enjoyable days?

Feeling less anxious, stressful, depressed and unsettled?

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Better ways of coping with the numerous personal and professional demands that occupy much of your time?

Broadening and deepening your most meaningful and trustworthy relationships?

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My Story... ​

A common thread throughout my life has been my evolution from being a “teacher” to becoming a “learning facilitator” with the ability to promote the value and potential of another person through unique insightful and provocative counsel.

I began my professional life as a school teacher/athletic coach, then transitioned into the financial services industry for a 25-year career as a sales person, sales trainer and general manager.

In 1995, at age 52, I turned the page on my professional life as I left the financial services industry and founded what ultimately has become SURVE Partners, a unique and innovative consultancy focusing primarily on the Art and Science of Personal and Professional Development. My motive for this dramatic professional transition was based on my increasing awareness of my own personal struggles with finding meaning, fulfillment and happiness as a highly paid professional working for an international insurance company. As a result, I have created and pioneered unique learning processes that contribute directly to the significant increase of a person’s ability to be more productive and influential while at the same time experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life .​

Men and women who have benefited from my work are from all walks of life and of different ethnicities that include business leaders, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, professional service providers, educators, students, and more.

​In 2011, I wrote and published my first book, “seeds of Intent”, which became an Amazon “ Best Seller” in November of that year. I wrote this book for the person who has a desire to live life more fully while experiencing less worry, fear and/or struggle. Throughout the book, I share examples of my own struggles and learnings from those struggles to help the readers better understand that their lives are in essence their instruments of learning, and that they are not their past. The book has had many powerful reviews, including one from Kirkus Review, known as the world’s toughest book critic.

How I Can Help...

SURVE's Personal Development Process...

The objective of the SURVE Personal Development Process is to help you experience a way of life that consists of sustainable optimism, fulfillment, and happiness, while at the same time, being able to manage the fears and anxiety caused by the uncertain, unpredictable and rapidly changing world in which we all live.

SURVE's Professional Development Process...

The objective of the SURVE Professional Development Process is to help you change in ways that your work experience becomes more fulfilling and meaningful.   This process will challenge how you think about yourself and others while at the same time be enlightening and reassuring regarding your unrealized potential and unlimited opportunities.

SURVE LIVING Digital Program...

The SURVE LIVING Digital Program will guide you through a life adjustment and reset experience founded on the principle that “people don’t grow or change by simply learning what other people already know.” This Program will help you understand that trying to "do better" or "be better" actually contributes to your struggles and limits your personal growth opportunities.

Hear from a few that embarked on the Journey...


“It is rare to find a counselor / confidant who recognizes and deeply understands how healthy relationships, or lack thereof, impact organizational environments and system dynamics. Jim’s focus on healthy relationships and personal growth helps to reconnect you to what you really care about and then build those considerations into your organization’s mission, vision, and strategy. Jim is especially skilled at employing the clarifying questions tool to gain deeper insight into basic and complex assumptions under which you may be working and encourages them to be challenged.”

Jonathan Holifield

Mountians and Lake

“The World keeps changing.  It is one of the paradoxes of success that the things and the ways which got you where you are, are seldom those things that keep you there.”

– Charles Handy

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Deepening Your Meaningful Relationships
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